Monday, April 20, 2009

Must See Kimono Exhibit

This exhibit is in its last week at the Canton Museum of Art. I recommend that everyone see it and I know many of you have.

"Kimono As Art: The Landscapes of Itchiku Kubota"

"Internationally acclaimed artist Itchiku Kubota used silk kimono as his canvas. Kubota had a lifelong fascination with the subtle changes of color and the quality of light achieved through skillful dyeing techniques combined with the reflective properties of silk. He often used nature as the inspiration for his work.

This stunning exhibition of forty over-sized landscape kimono is visiting the United States for only the second time, since its 1995 exhibition at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

Itchiku Kubota’s dream was to live to be 100, the time it would take for him to complete a series of 75 kimono that would hang side-by-side, forming a monumental tapestry of the four seasons called Symphony of Light. He completed 30 of these pieces, Autumn and Winter, before his death on April 26, 2003."